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Jasmine Trails specializes in customized and boutique Travel to India. We only offer custom made tours to India.

India offers so much, adventure, spirituality, wellness, heritage, wildlife, festivals, culture, cuisine, arts, music, handicrafts, architecture, and shopping.

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A short and sweet introduction to North India

Region: North India

Exploring Princely Rajasthan, the "land of Princes"

Region: North India

The best of Bhutan a country blissfully untouched for centuries

Country: Bhutan

An introduction to the culture and wildlife of Sri Lanka

Country: Sri Lanka

Culture, architecture and wildlife of North India

Region: North India

An essential but detailed introduction to South India

Region: South India

The ancient cities and jungles of Nepal

Country: Nepal

Image Credits: On this page, by Casey Klebba [CC BY- SA 4.0]: Leopard in Sri Lanka Jungle