Jasmine Trails Luxury Experiences

Don’t just visit but connect with the destination.

Our tours open the door for you to engage deeply and meaningfully with the culture, people and history of our destinations.

Let our local experts hold your hand while you dive deeper into subjects that take your fancy. Mingle, touch, smell and taste. Immerse yourself to emerge transformed.

Art & Textiles

As an ancient civilization India’s art heritage is incredibly vast and varied. Right from textiles to paintings to handicrafts, Indian art has attracted the attention of laymen and connoisseurs from far and wide since time immemorial.

Enjoy in-depth explorations of Indian art and textiles with us, both in the historical and modern-day context.

View exquisite collections in museums and with private individuals, hear experts speak and meet the artisans who keep their unique traditions alive. Bring out your creative side in our hands on workshops under the guidance of master artisans.

You are sure to be astounded by the sheer variety of weaves, prints, dyes, embroideries, paintings and carvings in India, not to mention the complex processes by which they are created.


Gastronomy is about much more than just food. It is the route to bringing people and traditions closer.

This could not be truer of India, where the cuisine is a reflection of 5000 years of cultural interactions and foreign influences.

Taste, cook and indulge in diverse cuisines on our mouth-watering food journeys, right from popular street food to the sophisticated dishes from royal kitchens. Experience traditional home cooking as well as less-known regional specialities which you won’t find in restaurants.

And ofcourse, no culinary tour is complete without a walk through traditional spice markets where the fragrance of saffron, cinnamon, pepper and cardamon compete with each other.

& spirituality

Every once in a while, we all need to unplug from the daily rut and regenerate ourselves – physically, spiritually and mentally. And what better place to head for all this than India? Afterall, yoga and Ayurveda originated here.

Allow yourself to indulge in some ‘me’ time with holistic treatments, meditation, and healthy eating designed especially for you, at some of the world’s best wellness spas and retreats. Get away to serene locales to reconnect with nature with activities like forest walks, white water rafting, cycling trips and more.

Our curated wellness experiences are a perfect combination of retreats, locations and activities, so that you go home feeling blissfully rejuvenated.


There are few places on earth that can be called the ultimate photography destination and India is certainly one of them.

It is impossible to sum up in a few sentences the stunning photographic opportunities that India offers the traveller. However, you can always reckon with the words, ‘colour’, ‘festivity’ and ‘energy’. With so much cultural, geographical, ethnic and historical diversity, with beautiful faces and vibrant attires, with endless festivals and celebrations, with so many Indias – from rural to metropolitan, traditional to ultra-modern, this land inspires every traveller to capture it all in the camera.

Our photography tours are led by our award winning, ace photography mentors and take you to places where ordinary tourists never get to. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, you can be sure to go home with photos that you will be proud of.


With 104 national parks and 566 wildlife sanctuaries, India is the ultimate destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The incredibly diverse habitats in the country support a myriad of wildlife like Asian elephants, sloth bears, one-horned Rhinoceros, Indian Bison, Hoolock gibbons, giant squirrels, and exotic reptile and bird species. The most well-known star of this wild cast is, ofcourse, the Royal Bengal tiger. Spotting one in the wild is guaranteed to be a heart-stopping experience that you will never forget. Talking about cats, did you know that India is also home to lions?

Come and experience the excitement of wildlife safaris with our expert naturalist guides. The beautiful terrain, the sounds and smells of the jungles and the anticipation of spotting elusive creatures is a treat. The more adventurous traveler might even like to track the elusive snow leopard in the Himalayas.

& Architecture

Discover India’s multi-faceted history and culture through architecture, perhaps her single most glorious legacy. From 5000-year-old archaeological sites to rock cut cave temples, from Persian-influenced Mughal palaces to subterranean step wells, India has witnessed a variety of architectural styles emerge over the course of its history. Magnificent stone sculptures, which often formed an integral part of buildings, were a significant part of documenting life as well as narrating mythology. With a colonial past, there are many architectural gems in India which form a precious part of the heritage, as do the more modern post-independence buildings.

Join our passionate subject experts to delve deeper into these feats of architecture and engineering, and the fascinating stories behind them.

Festivals of

Every day is a celebration in India, almost quite literally!

The abundance of festivals and fairs can be attributed to the country`s religious and communal diversity. Whether it is a harvest or springtime festival, a celebration of the birth of a prophet or saint, or a festival to celebrate a major or minor deity, India loves to celebrate in style.

Music and dance, colour and bling, henna and flowers, love and laughter, and ofcourse special food preparations for the occasion are a given. The Pushkar camel fair, the Hornbill festival, Holi and Diwali are just some of the festivals our guests love.

Time your holiday to coincide with any of these fabulous festivals and be a part of authentic celebrations in the company of locals.

Soft Adventure

Discover India differently with our soft adventure holidays. The subcontinent has several exhilarating activities like cycling, canoeing, short treks, forest walks, horse riding and camping, which are the perfect combination of excitement and rejuvenation. These ‘slow travel’ activities are an excellent way to see the breath-taking natural beauty of the subcontinent while experiencing off-beat places and unique cultures.

‘Adventure’ need not be about bringing out the daredevil in you or roughing it out. That’s why our adventure activities can be customized for all age groups to enjoy the great outdoors in utmost comfort and safety. All our adventure activities are led by qualified and certified guides, who are not just reliable but fun as well.