The Roof of The World

Snow-capped mountains, prayer flags fluttering in the wind, saffron-robed holy men and warm smiles are just some of the images that pop up when thinking about Nepal. It is all this and much more.

The most iconic Himalayan mountain ranges and peaks are found here, including Mount Everest and the Annapurna range. For adventure travelers Nepal is the ultimate destination for hiking, mountaineering, rafting and much more. Those who would rather take things at a more laidback pace can enjoy gentle village walks in the countryside and breath-taking mountain views from strategically located resorts.

Tradition, spirituality, indigenous architecture and art blend with modernity in the cultural hub that is Kathmandu. Further south are dense jungles that are home to exotic wildlife where some of the best safaris of the sub-continent can be experienced.

Indeed, this tiny country offers an astounding array of sights, landscapes and experiences making for unforgettable travels.

Here are just a few of the places we would like to show you. Click on the city names below to know all about them.

Nepal Travel Destinations Map by Jasmine Trails

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