​India the Continent masquerading as a Country

India is the most, geographically, religiously, racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse nations in the world. The seventh largest and soon to be the most populous country in the world!

Geographically, from the highest mountains in to the driest of deserts, fertile plains, long coastlines, equally long rivers, highlands, tropical and temperate forests, swamplands, grasslands and island archipelagos. Given its geographic diversity India offers every type of climate, from extreme heat to extreme cold all the year round.

India is an ethnological and racial museum. With six main ethnic groups and seven racial types Adding to this diversity are about 3,000 castes!

Besides twenty-two Constitutionally recognized languages India has over 1,652 languages and dialects and has been described as a veritable “museum of tongues”. Not to mention that Portuguese and French are also spoken in India! As a visitor to India you needIndia is a country of multiple religions and all the major faiths of the world are practiced here: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Bahaism.

 not worry about the languages as India is the world’s largest English-speaking nation!

Having attracted Invaders, Traders and Travelers for millennia it is a historically rich country. This richness is reflected in its culture, architecture, attire, cuisine and its arts.

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