With Jasmine Trails you are a personal guest​.


At Jasmine Trails, we love to listen to our clients and understand their interests and expectations before carefully tailoring a tour for them.

We constantly work with the aim of delivering high quality, personalized travel experiences that leave the traveller feeling exhilarated and enriched. Travel is not just about ‘seeing’ places but experiencing them and that is exactly what our tours are about.

Jasmine Trails is founded and run by Bindu Lall, a travel professional with over 25 years’ experience catering to overseas travellers to India and the subcontinent.

Her wide range of expertise in designing, operating, marketing and leading tours is evident in the memorable experiences she creates for her clients, many of whom have built a life-long bond with India and her.

Bindu’s passion for sharing her country, its people, culture and history is the core of Jasmine Trails’ vision and mission.

We look forward to having you travel with us.

About Bindu Lall and Jasmine Trails