Trying to plan your trip to India but don't know quite where to start?

India Travel Consultant, Jasmine Trails has traveled extensively to the higher Himalayan Regions

India is a massive country with so much to see. You want to see the popular places, the off-beat ones too and don't want to miss anything. But you only have limited days to spend there. The internet is bursting with so much information about each destination and it's all so tempting and confusing. What to see and what to give a miss is a dilemma that travelers face all the time, and you don't want to regret any decisions later.

This where Jasmine Trails helps you decide exactly where to go and what to see in India. As an India travel consultant I specialize in customizing your travels based on what YOU want your holiday to be like. Heritage, wildlife, adventure, wellness, spirituality, festivals...there is so much that India offers. I will work with you to shortlist places to see and things to do so you can get the most value for your time in India. 

This means you get to EXPERIENCE India, not just see it. I recommend and offer authentic experiences that will bring you closer to India, its people, its cuisines, its daily life and ofcourse its history and sights. So, no more uncertainty, only fantastic unforgettable memories.

You can depend on my expert advice and first-hand experience to offer you personalized service!

Hi, I am Bindu Lall. I am a travel consultant and tour guide for foreign travelers to India and have recently founded Jasmine Trails. With industry experience of 20 years in tour operations, sales and guiding, it was a natural progression for me to offer personalized consultancy to travelers who wanted to come to India but were unsure of whom to go to get the best advice. Word of mouth references from guests led many more travelers to me for assistance in designing and booking their tours through India. So many have returned to India again and again and have built a lifelong bond with me and India. 

Years of traveling the length and breath of the country means I can offer tried and tested experiences with confidence. Every trip is custom-designed to suit your needs, comfort, budget and interests. I love ensuring that your experience of India is perfect from the day you start planning your trip and not just when you arrive here. I can say with pride and confidence that when you travel with me you will not feel like a tourist but like a personal guest. 

Jasmine Trails is not a tour operator but a personalized travel consultancy. So while Jasmine Trails works with you to design a tour perfectly suited for you, we will book it through one of the few top tour operators based in Delhi, with whom we collaborate and work closely. In this way you get the best of advice and on-ground support during your trip. However, this does NOT mean you pay more for anything. We assure you competitive prices, best services and value for money. 

From the beginning to the end of your journey, Jasmine Trails remains your trusted one-point contact. 

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Jasmine Trails Can Help You With

Luxury Travel Concierge

I bring you the “Exclusive” in your Travel experience. I also offer personal Concierge services

India Travel Consultant JasmineTrails Services Luxury Travel Udaipur Rajasthan


  • Luxury travel concierge services and personal concierge services. 
  • Exclusive luxury travel concierge services in the most luxurious and exotic destinations in India.
  • Thorough local knowledge and well-established relations within the finest and most exclusive resorts, heritage properties and restaurants in India.

Transformational Travel

India is the most ideally suited destination for Transformational Travel, as a matter of fact the Best

Jasmine Trails Transformational Travel Services

  • With Transformational Travel, we take your life-changing experience to the next level.
  • Empowering you to make meaningful, lasting changes in your life with travel. Helping you travel in openness  and being fully receptive of the experience .
  • Engaging you in physical and totally new cultural experiences that help you with personal reflection, “meaning-making”, with complete openness and awareness.

You might be interested in our blog post “Goddess in the making“.

Luxury Travel Experience

Culture, Cuisine, Community, Content and Customization Redefining Luxury Travel

Jasmine Trails Luxury Travel Services

  • Jasmine Trails is your go to resource for a Luxury Travel Experience, of a lifetime.
  • Enriching your mind and body through a luxury experience. Authentic destinations and quality experiences hosted at heritage properties with genuine historic value. Bringing you an experience created for your personal preference.
  • Easy pace designed to give you time to enjoy the landscape and luxuriate in culture with the correct blend of flexibility, independence and local insights.

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Did you know?

India is home to 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Humayun's Tomb by JasmineTrails.

This is no wonder given India’s very ancient and rich history. Numerous empires and dynasties ruled this subcontinent over the last 2000 years, each one contributing not just to the cultural and religious heritage but also to its architectural heritage. The country also has unique geography and geology, from deserts to jungles, from mountains to tropics. As a result, India has several natural World Heritage Sites in this list.

Which is the World Heritage Site you are most likely to see in India? You guessed it! Taj Mahal.

But that is not the only one you will see here. By my estimate, the average traveler visits atleast six World Heritage Sites on their first trip to India alone. Check out these blog posts to see the places which include these sites:

Where to travel in India for the first time Part 1.  

Where to travel in India for the first time Part 2. 

Look here to see the entire list. 

India is the world’s largest spice producer and exporter


Spices Jasmine Trails

Exquisite taste, aroma and colour! From approximately the 2nd century BC, India has been exporting spices to the rest of the world. Infact, the demand for spices was what brought so many European countries to India. Black pepper, especially, was in demand as it was used to preserve meat before the invention of refrigerators. It was so precious that it was called “black gold”.

And even today Indian spices are sought after globally.

Love Indian food and spices? Don’t miss a visit to a spice market while you are here. The well-known ones are in Old Delhi, Old Hyderabad and in in Mumbai. If you are traveling to South India, do make sure you take a tour through a spice plantation in Kerala.

Contact me to know more or to allow me to design a tour for you that includes these visits.

Ayurveda originated in India thousands of years ago


The word Ayurveda means ‘science of life’ and this ancient medical science is part of the four sacred texts, the Vedas. Ayurveda is still a popular amongst many Indians who trust the natural and holistic medical treatments for ailments.

However, in the rest of the world Ayurveda is more well-known for healing and relaxing the mind, body and spirit in the form of massages, meditation and yoga.

If you are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, look no further. We highly recommend a stay at an Ayurveda spa retreat. Pamper and renew yourself in calm and stress-free environs.

To design and book a customized itinerary that includes an Ayurveda retreat contact us now!

Feel like you are ready to start planning your tour? Looking for more options?

Jasmine Trails can help you design a customized travel to India, itinerary to suit your interests.

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