West and Central India

The western and central parts of India are a vast geographical area with a wide spectrum of languages, cultures, traditions and historical developments. The landscape of the region ranges from harsh salt desert to dense jungles, from pristine beaches to steep mountains. Beautiful national parks support an astonishing variety of wildlife including the endangered big cats such as tigers, lions and leopards. The antiquity of the region is revealed at the excavation sites of the Indus Valley Civilization at Dholavira and Lothal.

Architectural wonders dating back to the 3rd century BC in Sanchi and Ajanta give us great insight into the importance of Buddhism and the patronage it enjoyed before its imminent decline in India. In Khajuraho, temple architecture and sculpture art reached its zenith in the 10th century, while at the same time the finest stepwells were being constructed in Gujarat in the west.

Adding to the rich culture of the region are the numerous tribal communities, each with their own fascinating ancestry, dialect, folklore and customs. Their ingenuity in creating exquisite textiles and handicrafts is unparalleled and makes a visit to the region unmissable.

Here are just a few of the places we would like to show you, in West and Central India. Click on the city names below to know all about them.

Highlights of West and Central India

West and Central India, travel destinations map
Rani Ki Vav stepwell-at Patan in Gujarat India
Asiatic lion Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat
khajuraho Lakshmana Temple
Bandhavgarh National Park Madhya Pradesh India
Kutch embroidery in Gujarat India
Gateway of India with the Iconic Taj Mahal Palace hotel
Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra India
Ahilya Fort at Maheshwar on the Narmada Madhya Pradesh