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Some interesting facts about India

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photo courtesy Kerala Tourism CC-BY-SA-2.0

Did You Know? India is home to 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is no wonder given India’s very ancient and rich history. Here are some interesting facts about India. Numerous empires and dynasties ruled this subcontinent over the last 2000 years, each one contributing not just to the cultural and religious heritage but also …..Read More

Festivals of India

Goddess in the making

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Goddess Durga with her finery and flowing hair. The artisans put in intricate details into the images, using only rudimentry tools. Image ©2017 Jasmine Trails

Navratri, or the Nine Nights of the Goddess, is celebrated in a big way in almost all parts of India around September-October every year. During this time the Goddess is revered in her nine forms, and the victory of good over evil is celebrated as she slays the demon Mahishasur