The best time to travel to India

The best time to travel to India

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An overview of the weather in India to help you plan your trip and pack Weather and temperatures vary greatly in India from region to region as well as seasonally. The best time to travel to India depends on which region you plan to visit. This article will give you a general overview of the seasons and weather in India, so you can plan your trip properly. It will also help you pack appropriately.   Most of the country has hot weather for most of the year. Southern and western India have little variation in their weather patterns and have …..Read More

What to pack for India

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Congratulations! You have taken the plunge (or are about to) and are set to come to India. Now, packing for a trip can be stressful and confusing especially if you are going to a country that you know little about. Take a look at this list of what to pack for India to help you get the basics in place. Remember, India is a conservative place even though you will see people dressed quite modern in big cities. As a tourist it is always a good idea to blend in rather than stand out. Indians also tend to view well dressed …..Read More

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Some interesting facts about India

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Did You Know? India is home to 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is no wonder given India’s very ancient and rich history. Here are some interesting facts about India. Numerous empires and dynasties ruled this subcontinent over the last 2000 years, each one contributing not just to the cultural and religious heritage but also to its architectural heritage. The country also has unique geography and geology, from deserts to jungles, from mountains to tropics. As a result, India has several natural World Heritage Sites in this list. Which is the World Heritage Site you are most likely to see in …..Read More

Where to travel in South India Part 1

Where to travel in South India-Part 1

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Where to travel in South India Part 1 Temple towns, picturesque backwaters, spice plantations and more In my first article “Where to travel in India for the first time, part 1” I talk about how it is impossible to see everything in one visit because India is such a massive country. The best way to see India is by covering one or two regions in a trip. Most travellers visit north India when they come for the first time, mostly because everyone wants to see Taj Mahal, as well as some of the most iconic structures like forts and palaces …..Read More

An Indian lady in bridal finery in front of Taj Mahal

Top travel tips and recommendations for women travelers to India

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POST UPDATED ON 18 MAY 2018 If you are reading this article I am assuming that you are a woman traveler who is interested in exploring India but is also wondering how she can have a great trip without compromising on personal safety. Maybe you have read about women travelers who have had bad experiences in India, or maybe you heard that India is an unsafe destination for women. As an Indian woman living in India and as a travel professional who has to travel a lot, I can tell you with absolute honesty: India is NOT an unsafe destination …..Read More

Where to Travel In India For The First Time – Part 2

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Historic villages, beautiful (stone) bodies, spirituality and tigers Here are some more places I really like and feel make a good alternative to focusing on Rajasthan as I recommend in my first article on which places to see first in India. So, if you have limited time and want a little of everything you might like to add these places to the must-do golden triangle (that’s Delhi, Jaipur, Agra).  Orchha The quiet, slow-paced life of this quaint village on the banks of river Betwa will be welcome after having visited busy and crowded tourist centres. Infact, you don’t even need …..Read More

7 reasons to pre-booked

7 reasons to travel pre-booked and have a perfect holiday to India

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POST UPDATED ON 18 MAY 2018 As an Indian who has traveled the world and who works in tourism, I know that India can be a challenging place to travel to. To enjoy what the country has to offer I highly recommend planning and booking your trip. In this article I list 7 reasons to travel pre-booked. Sure, many people want to just “turn up and see how it goes”. I got to say India is not the ideal destination for this. Yes, many do it successfully and this can be adventurous and exciting especially for younger travelers who want …..Read More

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Hot Air Ballooning in India

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Aerial Views of Jaipur I am a cowardly sort, so when the travel agent insisted I take the group of American travellers on a balloon safari in Jaipur, I was a bit nervous. Waking up at an ungodly hour (still dark and well before dawn) and sitting in the lobby, waiting for our pick up was no fun either. A 20-minute drive later, we were brought to the launch site, in a vast open barren ground, where we watched as they inflated the balloon. Since it is called a “launch site” I was expecting some kind of dramatic shaking, jerking, …..Read More

Where To Travel In India For The First Time- Part 1

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POST UPDATED ON 17 MAY 2018 Golden Triangle and Rajasthan Which places should you visit when you travel to India? India is a massive country and though it is much smaller than USA or Australia, it is still impossible to see everything in one trip. Infact, the country has so much cultural, geographical and historical variety, it would take a few lifetimes to really get to know all these Indias. The best way to see India is by covering one or two regions in a trip. This ofcourse depends on the duration of your trip. Most travellers can only manage 2 …..Read More

Camel Baby close up

Don’t miss this ship in the desert!

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Camels of Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, camels are as commonplace as cars. They can be seen pulling huge loads, ploughing fields and being used for transport to traverse desert terrains. There are also feral camels that one can see foraging in thorny bushes as one drives by on the highways. As ungainly as the camel may be, with its wobbly legs and arrogant expression, it still does not fail to impress people. Most people would have seen a camel in a zoo but to see it walking nonchalantly down the road, looking proud even if it is attached to a cart, is …..Read More

Pushkar Rajasthan

Keep calm and just travel to India already.

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Are you afraid to travel to India even though it’s been your long-time desire? India is what you choose it to be. Are you are fascinated with the stunning and exotic images of India in the travel brochures and on the internet but also uncomfortable and queasy with the prospect of facing an India defined by images of poverty, crowds, dirt, crime and ofcourse, diarrhoea? India is a huge place with contradictions and contrasts. There is no denying that it can be a tough destination for a foreign traveller. But this is not how India is defined by the countless …..Read More