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10 Must-bring items when you pack for India

When traveling to places you are unfamiliar with it can be a challenge to decide what to take and what to leave behind. What can you buy locally and what are the must-bring items when you make that India packing list? This is a list of the basic 10 must-bring items when you pack for India.


Travel insurance 

You absolutely must get travel insurance no matter where you travel. Even if you are healthy, you never know what can happen. Don’t take a chance!

Plug adapter and/or converter

The voltage in India is 220 V, which is pretty much the same in UK, Europe and Australia. Travelers from these countries will only need a plug adapter for any electronic gadgets they bring. If you are coming from USA where the voltage is 110 V, you will need a voltage converter as well, unless your gadget has dual voltage. While most good hotels will be able to provide you with an adapter, you may have to look in stores frequented by travelers to get a converter. Best is to get one from home.

Additional copies of travel documents

Bring a few paper photocopies of your passport and visa. Bring a few passport size photos of yourself too. Additionally, keep photos of these documents on your phone and email them to yourself as well. These are useful if you want to apply for a local sim card for your mobile phone for example. Or if you happen to lose your passport, you have some copies. Some places require a proof of identity and a digital copy is good enough.

Mosquito repellant spray/cream or mosquito wristbands

For when you are in areas where there are bugs, or you are outdoors early in the morning or late in the evening. Malaria is not rampant in cities or places of tourist interest, but there are other viruses that spread by mosquitoes, so you should exercise precaution.

First aid kit

This is essential no matter where you travel in the world. This can be lightweight with just some antiseptic wipes, antiseptic cream, band-aids of different sizes, a few gauze pads, medical tape and any pain relief tablets you are familiar with. When you travel with a good tour operator, you will find such a kit in the vehicle and hotels. These things are also easily available in stores in India but it’s always good to have the kit at hand.

Pollution/dust mask

Many parts of India, particularly the north has been facing the problem of excessive dust and smog during some parts of the year. While policy makers figure out what to do about it, bringing along a pollution mask can be very helpful. Again, these can be purchased in India in case you forget.

Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissue paper

India is a dusty and warm place, so these things come in handy. You should always have these available in your pockets or bags. Tissue paper is particularly useful for public toilets where TP may not be available. All these items are available easily in India.


The sun is always shining in India and it can be quite strong. Sunscreen is essential here especially if you are going to be outdoors all day. You can get it in India but if you have a preferred brand, bring it with you.


Drugs are cheaply available in India but it is always good to get your prescription medicines from home. You can also ask your doctor for a list of other medicines that might be useful for things like upset tummies, allergic reactions, head aches etc. and get those along as well.

Feminine hygiene items

A variety of international brands in sanitary napkins are available everywhere easily, whereas tampons are available mostly in larger cities. However, I always recommend getting these from home so you are comfortable with what you are using.

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