Croatia Mediterranean Magic

If you fantasize about vacations that involve dazzling beaches, crystal clear waters, amazing food, and plenty of culture and history then Croatia is the destination where it can all come true.

Coastal Croatia, with its numerous off-beat islands, reefs, beaches and quiet coves, is the ideal place to unwind and rejuvenate. The emerald and sapphire waters of the Adriatic are perfect to splash around in or to indulge in water sports. Those who’d rather not get their toes wet can explore the stunning coast by yacht or boat and take in breathtaking views and sunsets.

Croatia Coast

History and culture buffs will marvel at the architecturally diverse ruins and buildings which stand testimony to a fascinating history. Ancient Roman columns, Venetian palaces, Hellenistic cities, and Napoleonic fortresses are just some of the beautiful sights to take in. Croatia also has a wide artistic, literary and musical tradition.  Summer festivals showcasing superb drama and music add to the historical treats. Excellent museums house treasures of Croatian history, from the prehistoric to the post-communist.

Inland, the small country is equally magnificent with the fertile lands and historic towns. Enchanting villages and walled hamlets perched on hilltops look over picturesque vineyards, rivers and truffle-rich forests. Walk through cobbled streets and peek into centuries old wine cellars where you can get a taste of local wines. 

Plitvice Lakes Croatia

The extraordinary Mediterranean country is blessed with the best of nature too, from the impressive massifs of the Dinaric Alps to lush forests. In Croatia’s national parks one can see a wonderland of caverns, river canyons, waterfalls and glistening lakes. Hiking trails take visitors through some of the most memorable wildscapes in all of Europe.

Foodies will revel in Croatia’s gastronomic delights and the best way to explore local culture is through food. The best wines, olive oils and cheeses can be had here but don’t miss out on authentic taste of home cooked meals that are served with warm hospitality.

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