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About Jasmine Trails

Hi, I am Bindu Lall.

I am a travel professional with over 20 years’ experience, having worked with top-notch tour operators in India - designing, operating and marketing tours. However, free-lancing as a tour guide and helping people plan their travel to India is where my heart really lies.

Jasmine Trails came into existence as a result of years of offering personalized consultancy to friends who wanted to come to India but were unsure of whom to go to for the best advice. This led many more travelers coming to me for designing and booking their tours to this incredible country. So many have returned again and again and have built a lifelong bond with me and India.About-Bindu Lall and Jasmine Trails

People who have travelled with me know how passionate I am about sharing my country, its people, culture, history and just about everything. I believe that no one knows a country better than a local resident of that place. Especially a well-travelled and experienced travel consultant. I personally work with each customer to design a tour to their liking and make sure that every detail is taken care of when they are here.

You can depend on my expert advice and first-hand experience to offer you personalized service! Take a look here to know what customers say.

I would be delighted to make your dream of coming to India true. Get in touch with me to start planning now.

You can also connect with #JasmineTrails on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You can read our reviews on Tripadvisor.

Do check out my blog if you haven’t already.

The blog attempts to simplify and demystify India for you so that it is no longer a strange land that raises question marks in your mind. I say, “attempts to” because this is a country which is always revealing something new and can never truly be fully understood!

Basically, this blog shows off my country, its colours, its beautiful people and its heritage.

I am afraid my blog will not tell you how to backpack through India on a limited budget. It’s something I have no experience in. As exciting and liberating as it is to explore the world on your own, my recommendation is to travel pre-booked in India.

However, I do believe that the tips, information, photos and write-ups will serve as a reliable and honest guide which can help everyone plan their holiday in India. Subscribe to the blog now to keep up with my latest posts.

P.S. Here’s a pen and ink I made some years ago of the Jodhpur Clock Tower Market with the fort in the background.

Sketch by Bindu Lall on Jasmine Trails Jodhpur clock tower
Sketch by Bindu Lall on Jasmine Trails Jodhpur clock tower

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