More About Me and Jasmine Trails

Hi I’m Bindu,

Unlike most bloggers out there, I did not quit my job to travel the world. I am not wandering the planet living an enchanted life of a free spirit. I am not a student who has visited 53 countries on a shoestring budget.

There is no such brave or inspiring story about me.

I am an ordinary Indian woman (nope, I am not in my mid-twenties either!) who lives an ordinary life in India….apart from when she’s traveling through India.About-Bindu Lall and Jasmine Trails

Travel became a part of me at a young age as I had the chance to see the world and live abroad quite early on. I never planned it, but years later fate pointed me in the direction of the travel and tourism profession, where I spent most of my career.

I spent several years working with top-notch tour operators in India, designing, operating and marketing tours. But free-lancing as a tour guide is where my heart really lies. In my job, I get to travel the length and breadth of India and meet new people all the time. It’s a fantastic combination that makes the job all the more exciting!

People who have travelled with me know how passionate I am about sharing my country, its people, culture, history and just about everything, and so this blog was a logical outcome of this passion.

I’m just starting out so do let me know about the things you’d like to read about and I’ll try to write about them.

What is this blog for?

This blog attempts to simplify and demystify India for you so that it is no longer a strange land that raises question marks in your mind. I say, “attempts to” because this is a country which is always revealing something new and can never truly be fully understood!

Basically, this blog shows off my country, its colours, its beautiful people and its heritage…and maybe one day you will be tempted to come to travel to India.

The tips, information, photos and write-ups will also serve as a reliable and honest guide which can help you plan your holiday in India.

I am afraid my blog will not tell you how to backpack through India on a tiny budget. It’s something I have no experience in. Plus, there are plenty of blogs on that subject already. As exciting and liberating as it is to explore the world on your own, my recommendation is to travel pre-booked  in India. Read my post “7 reasons to travel pre-booked and have a perfect holiday to India“. 

And this is where I can personally help you; I believe that no one knows a country better than a local resident of that place. Especially a well-travelled and experienced tour guide, like yours truly.  

With my travel and professional experience, I offer you free travel consultancy, as I have so many travellers. So, if you are looking for that perfect travel experience get in touch with me for help.

What else do I do?

When I am not out and about, I like painting, looking after my plants, reading and just doing nothing in particular. I also free-lance as a German-English translator and occasionally teach German (ja, ich spreche auch Deutsch!).

These days, I am thrilled to be doing a course in Indian Art History which I have wanted to do for years.

[Update: I finished this course in November 20017]

I would love to hear from you.

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P.S. Here’s a pen and ink I made some years ago of the Jodhpur Clock Tower Market with the fort in the background.

Sketch by Bindu Lall on Jasmine Trails Jodhpur clock tower
Sketch by Bindu Lall on Jasmine Trails Jodhpur clock tower