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7 reasons to travel pre-booked and have a perfect holiday to India


As an Indian who has traveled the world and who works in tourism, I know that India can be a challenging place to travel to. To enjoy what the country has to offer I highly recommend planning and booking your trip. In this article I list 7 reasons to travel pre-booked.

Sure, many people want to just “turn up and see how it goes”. I got to say India is not the ideal destination for this. Yes, many do it successfully and this can be adventurous and exciting especially for younger travelers who want to make their own discoveries and have a few months to spend in a place. Sometimes it is a necessity when on a low budget. But if you would rather enjoy what the country has to offer in a shorter duration and in a relaxed and truly memorable way, go pre-booked!

Experience the security and comfort of pre-booked travel
Experience the security and comfort of pre-booked travel

Here are 7 reasons to travel pre-booked and why booking with an agent will make your India travels totally worth it

You can custom design your own tour.

Good agents will work with you for weeks before finalizing an itinerary for you. They will offer you all possibilities of what can be done in the time and budget you have available, based on your inputs. Plus, there is always some flexibility of what you see and do on a day to day basis. So, you don’t have to be afraid of giving up the freedom to make choices about what you see and do just because you are pre-booking.

Experienced agents will also be able to arrange special things like meetings, visits, walks, workshops, off-beat stuff etc. for you based on your particular interests.

You always have a room booked in safe and verified hotels.

There is a huge range of hotel categories and standards which are not yet standardized. Looking at hotel review sites is confusing because you get as many poor reviews as excellent ones. Traveling through a reliable agent means you will get the quality of room and service you have been promised. You won’t get stuck with rooms that look like nothing they promised on the internet. And you never have to wander the city dealing with touts trying to find a room.

You have an itinerary and plan of what you will see and do.

No more wasting time trying to discover what to do in limited time in each place. You know what to expect and look forward to without having to figure out how to do it. And no regrets at having missed out on something.

Your car and driver are booked.

Drivers who won’t take you on a wild goose chase around the city trying to cheat you. These drivers are clean, pleasant, safe and reliable. And they stick to the plot. They are part of a larger team that they are answerable to, so they treat you as their responsibility and look after you.

Your guides/ tour managers are booked.

The people who are on ground with you, looking after you. They are the ones who are your window to India, who will tell you facts and not made-up-on-the-spot stories. They are there to handle emergencies or change of plans. They will even take you to off-beat places which are not on the plan, without you having to worry about your safety. They are registered and licensed by the government. No more navigating the country on your own with trepidation, no more touts following you around, no more getting duped.

You eat good, clean food.

Your agent and guide will always make sure you are eating in hygienic and safe places. And ofcourse, they have some excellent recommendations too. You can enjoy wonderful meals without wondering what will happen later.

You never have to worry about anything.

You can truly enjoy a holiday as it was meant to be enjoyed. You can just lean back and relax while everything gets done for you. All exigencies get taken care of, you get priority when traveling with a travel agent, and you are always safe.

7 reasons to pre-booked
7 reasons to pre-booked

So, while it is true that India is a country that can be overwhelming to plan for, it is also a country that can offer the traveller a uniquely beautiful holiday and warm hospitality. Plan it right, sit back and enjoy!

Don’t know quite where to start planning your India trip? Write to me to help you get going.

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